ZALMAN ZM-VPM1 VGA Power Consumption

Product code: 880921376189 Manufacturer: ZALMAN
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    About product

    Real-time measurement & display of VGA voltage, current, and power consumption

    User can conveniently check the VGA voltage, current, and power consumption data.

    Highly Credible IC

    Provides minimum margin of error.

    Clear and wide viewing angle using FND

    FND (Flexible Numeric Display) displays the numbers clearly and provides a wide viewing angle even in a dark environment.

    Built-in LED

    Allows easy checking of the voltage, current, and power status.

    Compatible with 6 Pin or 6+2 Pin Type PCI-Express VGA card

    Both PCI-E 6-Pin or PCI-E 6+2 Pin cables are compatible.


    • Dimensions(cm): 5.1(L) x 4.1(W) x 3.2(H)
    • Weight: 121g
    • Input: 12VDC
    • Bypass out: 12VDC
    • Cable Compatibility: VGA 6-Pin, 6+2 Pin
    • Power Range: 10 ~ 240W
    • Current Range: 0 ~ 20A(DC)
    • Voltage Range: 3 ~ 15V(DC)
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