DEEPCOOL Z5 Thermal Compound 3g.

Product code: 693341270315 Manufacturer: DEEPCOOL
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    • Mfr Part Number: Z5
    • Features:
      • Excellent Thermal Conductivity
      • Electrically non-conductive
      • Wide range of application temperature
    • Application: High quality thermal paste to provide excellent heat transfer from CPU/GPU to cooler
    • Thermal Conductivity: >1.46 W/m-K
    • Thermal Impedance: <0.159C - in2/W
    • Dielectric Constant A: >6
    • Viscosity: 76 cps
    • Operating Temperature: -50C--300C
    • Color: Silver Gray
    • Weight: 3.0 g


    DEEPCOOL Z5 Thermal Compound

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