QPAD QH-1339 Professional Gaming Headset

Product code: 735002029064 Manufacturer: QPAD
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    QPAD QH-1339 Professional high-end gaming headset

    This headset is designed with one thing in mind: extreme performance under extreme circumstances. Placed firmly in the top of the high-end segment of professional gaming headsets, the QH-1339 will deliver where others fail. The QH-1339 is based on an aviation headset constructed by legendary Hi-Fi equipment provider Beyerdynamic. The closed cup design allows for deep and fleshy bass, pronounced brilliant highs in frequencies ranging from 5-30.000Hz, while attenuating external sounds by up to 18 dBA, enough to effectively eliminate most disturbing noises from the surroundings and keep you focused on your task. The QH-1339 is equipped with a cardioid condenser microphone with noise cancellation, allowing clear communication even in loud environments. The construction is extremely sturdy with a solid aluminum frame and soft padding on the cups and headband to ensure comfort even under long sessions.


    So if you look at the price you will be like WHAAAT? But you can be sure, this guy is worth it. If you like to throw your headphones on the ground when you are not in the mood, aluminum and steelband construction will prevent you from all the damages. If you like to sit in the headphones for 12 hours, or 24 hours or even more, you can be sure that your ears will be in comfort. And the sound is so awesome. The bass is deep and clear.  5-30.000 Hz frequency will provide you with sounds, you never heard in the game. With this studio quality condenser microphone you will no longer hear the “I can hear you” words even in the worst environment with a lot of noises. This baby is a real PRO device for all those sound lovers out there. Be a DJ, be a PRO gamer, listen to your favorite music with this lovely QPAD QH-1339.

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type Over-the-head
    Connection Wired
    Cord type Rubber
    Cord length (m) 2.5
    Connector USB, 2 x 3.5mm jack, 1 x 6.3mm jack
    LED No
    Volume control Yes
    Additional software n/a
    Frequency Response, Hz 5 - 30,000
    Impedance, Ω 32
    Sensitivity, dB 96
    Input Power, mW 100
    Microphone Yes
    Mic.Mute Yes
    Mic.Frequency, Hz 30 - 18,000
    Mic.Sensitivity , dB 120
    Mic.Pick Up pattern n/a
    Mic.Impedance, Ω 1500
    Soundcard Channels n/a
    Soundcard In 2 x 3.5mm jack
    Soundcard Out USB
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