SEAGATE Original SATA 1Tb ST1000LM024

Product code: 100024 Manufacturer: SEAGATE
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    HDD Seagate Original SATA 1Tb ST1000LM024 (5400rpm) 8Mb 2.5" is made for laptops. Working fast, silent and has no problems with overheating. 


    The capacity of this model copes well with the information. Reliable and trusted manufacturer guarantees the quality of this model. 

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    Type Laptop
    Speed (rpm) 5,400
    Capacity 1 TB
    Disk buffer (MB) 8
    Seek time (ms) 12
    Form factor 2.5"
    Interface SATA
    Transfer rate (MB/S) 3000
    Width (cm) 7
    Length (cm) 10
    Height (cm) 0.95
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