OZONE Neutron Semi-rigid 413 x 290 x 4mm

Product code: 843653217178 Manufacturer: OZONE
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    Ozone has developed one of the highest stable mousepads that you can ever experience: It delivers total accuracy and control, its rubber absorbs noise ensuring a quiet use and it's been optimized for both laser and optical mice performance. The hybrid surface gives you a unique smooth feeling and the best performance, whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, this mousepad will exceed your expectations. The Nucleus of the atom has been released, make it yours.

    The first layer adheres the mousepad to any kind of surface and gives stability to your movements thanks to its innovative rubber composition. A high-quality hard plastic piece defines the second layer to give Neutron the exact weight and stability. The third layer features an air-filled matrix structure made of polyurethane, designed to make Neutron a soft and comfortable mousepad even after hours of use. Finally, a heat-treated micro-textured cloth layer is on top to guarantee a perfect glide with any kind of mouse.

    Designed with wrist cut-out and smoothed round edges Neutron will reduce hand fatigue even during the longest gaming sessions. It lies completely flat on the desktop thanks to its hard-flexible design. The Neutron´s surface has a heat-treated microscopic texture to ensure the most accurate sensor readings with any kind of mouse and a perfect balance between control and speed. There are no interrupted tracking problems when using this mat.


    Soft, smooth, stable, hard yet flexible – please welcome the Ozone Neutron. Manufacturers included a lot of technology in this mousepad and made it layer by layer, improving every single one in order to achieve a perfect pad. If that’s not enough for you, than you will be glad to hear, that Ozone had a great tester for this mousepad – the season one League of Legends World Champion – Lamia. This mousepad won’t make your wrist feel tired for long time periods during the game and it is very stable on almost any surface. The mousepad isn’t very flexible, but it is enough for it to adjust stability on most of the surfaces. The mousepad is smooth and comfortable, so all the mice would feel like a gaming mouse on it. The mousepad is not so big, you can take it anywhere you want. With this complex of features you probably think that it costs a lot, but not from Ozone. Optimized technologies are helping Ozone achieve a great price for all the gamers out there.

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    Length (cm) 41.3
    Width (cm) 29
    Height (cm) 0.4
    Weight (g) n/a
    Surface Cloth
    Base (material) Rubber
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