TESORO Kuven A1 Angel

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    The Helmet of Hades, also known as the Helm of Darkness, renders its wearer invisible even to the eyes of the gods. It is one of the sources of Hades's power and was forged for him by the Cyclopes during the war against the Titans, along with Zeus's thunderbolts and Poseidon's trident. Extreme gaming grade headsets. 50 mm Drivers Units .Crystal clear high, middle and low tones. Closed Type Headset with Improved Noise Reduction. Detachable & Comfortable Ear Cup. Y type 2 to 1 convert cable x 1. Adjustable leather headband.. Stylish aluminum plate.


    This is really a helmet of the enormous power. These headphones will suck you in the gaming world, before you can say KALABANGAAA. The sound is so good, you may say it’s better then the sound of the real life. You can sit in these headphones for hours and hours in full comfort. If you like quality, comfort (and demonic forces)  KUVEN A1 is made for you!

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type Over-the-head
    Connection Wired
    Cord type Braided
    Cord length (m) 1.2 + 2
    Connector USB, 2 x 3.5mm jack
    LED No
    Volume control Yes
    Additional software Yes
    Frequency Response, Hz n/a
    Impedance, Ω n/a
    Sensitivity, dB n/a
    Input Power, mW n/a
    Microphone Yes
    Mic.Mute Yes
    Mic.Frequency, Hz n/a
    Mic.Sensitivity , dB n/a
    Mic.Pick Up pattern n/a
    Mic.Impedance, Ω n/a
    Soundcard Channels Virtual 7.1
    Soundcard In n/a
    Soundcard Out USB
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