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    Armed with the latest proven ROCCAT™ technological innovations, the successor to the ROCCAT™ Kova is equipped to the teeth. The new ROCCAT™ Kova[+] unites powerful technology with intelligent software and an advanced V-shaped design for left or right-handed use.


    The 3200dpi Pro-Optic R2 Gaming Sensor plays in the Champions' League of optical sensors, offering lag-free precision. We increased maximum speed to 130 inches per second and raised maximum acceleration to 30G. And like the current generation of ROCCAT™ gaming mice, the polling rate clocks in at an unprecedented 1000Hz.


    The Kova[+] now also comes with a feature-rich driver package, allowing precise adjustment of the sensitivity and dpi settings. All seven buttons plus the mouse wheel can be assigned a multitude of functions and custom macros, as well as predefined ROCCAT™ Presets. The Creating Game Profiles option makes things easier when starting a game, as the Game Profiles function automatically loads settings specific to the particular game during start-up.


    The Easy-Shift[+]™ button doesn't just give you access to seven mouse buttons plus the mouse wheel – you also get access to 16 additional functions at the touch of a button. The Easy-Shift[+]™ button is similar to the shift key on a keyboard. If you hold down the Easy-Shift[+]™ button while pressing one of the other standard mouse buttons, you can program a second function (dual-assignment).


    The Kova[+] also features Sound Feedback – a new feature first introduced on the ROCCAT™ Kone[+]. The mouse informs you of any changes to the dpi, profile or sensitivity settings by reading them aloud. This means there are no additional displays to distract you from gameplay, so your full attention can remain on screen.


    A multicolor LED system allows the mouse to light up in seven different colors – plus the mouse can be further personalized with color rotation and other lighting effects using the driver. You can even assign colors to profiles, so when you switch profiles the color changes, too.


    The Kova[+] sits nicely in both the left and right hand. Thanks to a slightly raised ridge on the upper casing, you can control the Kova[+] with maximum precision. The Griptech side areas extend all the way to the top of the Kova[+], letting you hold the mouse securely when lifting it. In addition, the new Soft-Touch Coating offers amazing grip, complementing the non-slip performance of the familiar solid rubber Griptech side areas.


    As part of the ROCCAT™ Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS), the Kova[+] Max Performance Gaming Mouse fits seamlessly into the angular, stealth-look of the series. SDMS has become a byword for performance-focused gaming with its series of perfectly-coordinated products that offer optimum handling and improved ergonomics.


    • Maximum precision pro-optic gaming sensor can be configured at 400, 800, 1600 or 3200dpi
    • Easy-shift[+]™ button duplicator assign two function to the buttons for 8 additional functions
    • Ergonomic V-SHAPE for left or right-handers
    • ROCCAT™ driver + macro manager including predefined macro presets for games, multimedia + office apps
    • Soft-touch coating for comfort + confident control
    • ROCCAT™ GRIPTECH side areas with non-slip stabilization zones
    • Rubberized mouse wheel for optimum grip + comfort
    • Customizable light system choose your own favorite custom color
    • Sound feedback profile, dpi and sensitivity changes are read aloud
    • 7 (+2) mouse buttons preset with the most important main functions
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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Grip style n/a
    Type Wired
    Sensor Optical
    Connection USB
    DPI (max) 3200
    Buttons count 7+2
    Cord type n/a
    Cord length (m) 2
    Response time (ms) 1
    Length (cm) 12
    Width (cm) 6.5
    Height (cm) n/a
    Weight (g) 90
    Max acceleration (G) 30
    Maximum speed (IPS) 130
    Polling rate (Hz) 1000
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