CM Storm Havoc

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    About product

    The CM Storm Havoc mouse is designed for precision gaming. It has an Avago 9800 laser sensor and 8200 high DPI performance. The 8 fully programmable buttons are arranged and tuned for intuitive operation. 4 macros can be stored directly on the Havoc thanks to 128 KB on-board memory. Japanese Omron micro-switches can endure five million clicks. The durable rubber coated body, ergonomic design and large mouse body make the Havoc comfortable to use even during long gaming sessions.

    Max Customization

    Havoc features multi-color LED zones, the Mouse wheel, DPI Buttons and CM Storm Logo. The brightness and color of each zone can be fine-tuned, or simply disabled.

    Programmable Buttons

    Havoc is designed with 8 programmable buttons can accurately register from our software, for players who need to be executed quickly in fps games.

    On-The-Fly Tuning

    Quickly switch between different DPI levels without leaving the virtual Battle-field or being distracting and catching a bullet.

    Rubberized Grip

    To improve the grip and prevent your fingers from sliding and slipping, the entire mouse body is coated in a layer of rubber for more stability.


    • Avago 9800 laser sensor with 100-8200 DPI
    • Highest grade Japanese Omron micro switches
    • Up to 5 million button clicks
    • Rubber side grip for stability and fast mouse swipes
    • Build onboard memory (128KB) for easy plug and use    
    • Smooth super grip rubber coasting
    • Up to 4 profiles setting
    • Body Coating Material Rubber paint
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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Grip style n/a
    Type Wired
    Sensor n/a
    Connection USB
    DPI (max) 8200
    Buttons count 8
    Cord type Braided
    Cord length (m) 1.8
    Response time (ms) 1
    Length (cm) 12
    Width (cm) 8.5
    Height (cm) 4.5
    Weight (g) 140
    Max acceleration (G) 30
    Maximum speed (IPS) 150
    Polling rate (Hz) 1000
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