In this chapter we will tell you about the “Product page” functions.

We wanted to buy a mousepad in the last chapter, so let’s continue with it.

So we are at the ZOWIE mousepad page. You can zoom the picture her, change the currency, read about the product (from manufacturer and from (review)), check the specifications, compare different products , calculate shipping to your country, post a review (or read some reviews) and you can also see how many products are there in our stock.

Let’s take a deeper look at this page features.

 You can change the currency for the one you need 

 Read or write a review about the product

 Check the products specifications, to make sure it suits you 

 You can compare products in “COMPARE” section. Just click on the “COMPARE” button and the product will to “COMPARE” icon at the top of the page.

 The product will be held in the “COMPARE” section until you will delete it by yourself. You can surf the products and add the interesting ones to compare them. You can add unlimited amount of devices to compare. At the end of your search you can compare different devices from different manufacturers to pick the right one. 

What will happen if you add “incomparable devices”? Don’t worry, we are ahead of it. You can add everything you want, mice, keyboards, mousepads  and others.Whe you got to the “COMPARE” section you will have different categories of items to compare. You will compare headphones only with headphones. You can add many products and have a blast comparing them. Here how it looks like:

 ✔You can count the sipping price. Use the shipping calculator. Pick your country and click calculate. You can also pick your bought product for free at our shop. 

At the bottom of the page you will see related products, which might be interesting for you, depending on the device you are looking at. There can be products that may be capable for your device (like a mousepad for a mouse, or a bigger mousepad). 

This is it for the “Product page” chapter. We will tell you how to buy the product in the next chapter.