We will tell you (and show you!) how to buy products on our website.

Let’s start with sites main page functions. It looks like this (only the new product income banner changes):

You can change sites language for more comfortable by clicking the flag at the top of the page.


Select the products you are interested in. Use the menu at the top of the page, click on the prefered section. All the products are separated by groups. 


Let’s say you want to change your old mousepad for a new one. Click on the “PRO GAMING” section and then click the “MOUSEPADS” section. After that you will see all the mousepads that “GGWP” website can offer you.



We may have more than 100 different mousepad models in our shop, so we made a feature where you can set how much products you will see on one page. You can set up 9, 15 or 30 products on the page.


Every block will show you only one product. You will see a picture of the product, its price, “add to cart” feature and products full name. You will always see the products manufacturer name at the beginning of the products name.

On the left side of the page you will see the filter menu. By clicking on one of the options you will see another menu where you can filter the products by manufacturer, surface type, size and many more. Every category has its own filters (i.e. headphones can be filtered by the presence of the microphone, mice can be wireless or wired and so on). This filter will help our visitors find a needed product in few seconds. If you know all the features you need you will find something that suits your need very fast and comfortable.


If you know your budget limits you can adjust the price filter.


You can use different filters together. Let’s say you want a mousepad under 24 EUR from “ZOWIE” with multicolored surface and the website will show you the product you were looking for. You can click on the mousepad for more information, but if it is something you were looking for, you can add it to cart by clicking the shopping cart button.


This is the end of “Main page” tutorial. Easy isn’t it? You can check the next chapter for the “Products page” functionality review.