We already told you how to use the “Main page” and “Product page” features and now we are at the finish line to buy some products.

If you like the product it is so simple to buy it – just click on the “ADD TO CART”.

If you see a red dot near the “MY CART” button, that means everything is ready to buy the product. Click on the “IN CART” or “MY CART” button to get started.

We are at the cart.

In the cart you can:

  1. You can increase the number of products. For example you can buy 4 same mousepads and the price will change itself automatically. If you are willing to buy more than 5 products, you can contact us for some nice special prices.
  2. Delete the product from the cart
  3. You can activate a discount coupon. We sometimes give coupons with different symbols and numbers with good discounts, mostly in different contests.
  4. Checkout

Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOT” button and fill all the needed fields. Make sure all the information is correct.


You can add two addresses on the site. Let’s say you want to buy a gift for a friend but you will pay for the product. That’s why you need to write your address for the check (if you need it) and the other one for shipping. Our website will automatically suggest that we ship a product to the same address (it happens in 99% of purchasing) but if you need another shipping address, just fill the fields in the “SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS” section.

Check one of the suggested methods of shipping, by clicking on the circle checkbox. 1st option is express shipping (fast but expensive), 2nd simple shipping (cheap but long). You can pay with VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO и MASTER CARD. You can also use PayPal billing.

Check all the fields and click on the “I ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS”. We recommend you read all the “Terms and Conditions”, you can always find them at the bottom of the site. 

You can also register on our website by clicking “REGISTER MEТ”. Registration will allow you to comment news on our esprots website, add users as friends, check your past purchases and many more.

After clicking “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” you will be transferred to the billing system where you should fill all needed fields.

After that just fill the fields in your bank billing system. If you pay via PayPal our site will automatically transfer you to the PayPal system.
CONGRATULATIONS! You bought a product!

We hope that you liked the process of buying in our shop and you will become our constant client.

Thank you for purchasing!