ZOWIE G-CM Pink 440 x 320 x 2mm

Product code: 471270216983 Manufacturer: ZOWIE
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    The CM is a soft cloth mousepad designed for competitive gamers who prefer a consistent and comfortable glide with medium friction. CM-series offers a consistent glide with medium to high friction through its smooth and even texture, and was developed as an alternative to the very popular low friction mousepads. It is designed with ZOWIE’s unique base, which ensures a firm grip on the table through its excellent non-slip capability. Should the CM ever lose grip on the table, just wipe the base with a wet cloth and the grip will be as good as new. 100% compatible with all types of mice.


    ZOWIE N-CM is a high quality mousepad made in Zowie’s laboratory. The CM series has a unique design which makes soft and stable surface. High sensitivity of the mouse will be compensated with a smooth and precise glide. Estetic design and great quality makes this mousepad compete between the best mousepads.

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    Length (cm) 44
    Width (cm) 32
    Height (cm) 0.2
    Weight (g) n/a
    Surface Cloth
    Base (material) Rubber
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