RAVCORE CruX Mouse Bungee + USB 3.0 x 4 HUB

Product code: 590751285775 Manufacturer: RAVCORE
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    RAVCORE CruX – after thousands of years, the mythical Southern Cross constellation shines again over Europe! Ultra-fast, four-port USB 3.0 Hub with active external power supply and mouse cable support function (mouse bungee) is the brightest star in the smallest constellation.

    HUB 4 X USB 3.0
    The Crux model, thanks to 4 USB 3.0 ports, allows not only to connect headphones, mouse, PC camera and other USB devices without creating a tangled mess of cables connected to your computer, but provides fast data transfer when connecting memory sticks, external drives or smartphones.

    Are you worried that if you connect a lot of devices to your PC, it will affect the functioning of your USB port? Don’t be! In the CruX model, all connected accessories and devices are powered by an external 230V adapter, connected directly to electrical outlet.

    No more tangling mouse cables! An elastic arm supporting the cable (mouse bungee), embedded into the USB 3.0 RAVCORE CruX hub, will allow you to fully control the mouse and its disobedient „leash” during the most exciting game sessions.


    Great device for all those wire mouse lovers. Camade will maximize your comfort while using your mouse. No more cable hitching or entanglement. Your wire will stay still on this device and this will give your mouse full freedom. This device will make your table pretty and useful at the same time.

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