Oh… taught week! But nice one.

We are proud to inform you that we have reached 3 very important achievements within last 5 working days:
1. We have signed up a contract with 636 and now you can buy GGWP devices in their shops across Riga.
2. We have reached an agreement with e-sport organization MayaM. From this week we agreed to work together to PR cyber sport. Now we have WoT team (TOP 4 in Europe), CS GO team (TOP division of Starladder - StarSeria), TF2 team (currently #1 in I division of etf2l), and the latest news - from today we have LOL team (TOP division of Starladder - StarSeria).
3. We have translated the GGWP.pro website in Latvian language. From now you can make shopping using EN and LV version of the site.
Soon you will have a nice web page where all line ups will be represented.
Hope we will keep this pace.


Hi Everyone!

As we promised you, we do small report every week just to keep you updated regarding GGWP.PRO
First of all, we are glad to inform you that an agreement with TRACER (Poland) was finally reached! Hope you can be able to buy those devices very soon! Then, we got a new arrival of SENNHEISER headsets specially designed for gamers. In terms of purchasing policies we are keep working on diversity of our supply channels and therefore we have signed contracts with ACC Distribution and ALSO. These two respected companies are aimed to enlarge our assortment.
Also we got first order for keyboards and mice, got few hundreds followers on Facebook within few working days. Besides, you might check a photo on Twitter with our newly arrived sign-board for Riga shop!
By the way, we are working now on Latvian version of the web store. It’s expected to be launched within next week. Then we switch our attention to Lithuanian and Estonian language.
In terms of gaming, we keep developing our mu.ggwp.pro server. Next week we will release a tutorial how to start to play MU ONLINE and then we will teach you the way you can improve your Hero!
Play hard and go PRO!!
GGWP team.


Hi Gamers!

This is our new web store. We hope you like it! We put some effort to select and to offer you the best available gaming devices on the market. We think here you can find any type of gaming items you really need to boost up your skills level.
In this so-called “corporate blog” we will update you about changes in sales, purchasing, e-sport and other aspects of the life of the GGWP. We will try to do it on weekly basis and tell you about new items to sell, new supplier we start to work with or new achievements of our e-sport teams. Also, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Vk and Youtube. The Journey Has Just Begun!
You are always welcome to provide comments and thoughts how to improve the web store functionality. Keep in touch guys!
Sincerely yours,
GGWP team.