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    The Cobra R4 joystick has a 4-way hat switch: gas, break, yaw and pitch. Thanks to this function you will get more maneuvering options and more realistic flight control. You can adjust OZ axis sensitivity for more accurate horizontal flight control. The model has built-in vibration motor. (Functions only with the games supporting vibration feedback). Ergonomic handle construction ensures comfortable gaming for many hours on end.


    Cobra R4 USB joystick ensures total air superiority. The model has military look. The joystick will not slide along the table surface even during the most heated battles. 12 customizable buttons allow to adjust your aircraft controls and also to emulate mouse and keyboard functions. 

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    parameter option
    Type Wired
    Connector USB
    PC Yes
    X BOX 360 No
    Playstation 3 No
    Mac Yes
    Android n/a
    iDevice n/a
    Other n/a
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