E-BLUE Cobra 2 US Layout

Product code: 695801220190 Manufacturer: E-BLUE
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    About product

    About product

    Cobra II is an advanced model of gaming keyboard with extra-ordinary cool outlook and exquisite handicraft. The backlighting keyboard is in streamlined design with a broad base. Apart from that, user can adjust the speed of input to suit their need. It is a versatile keyboard and it is tailor made for professional gamers. 

    Three types of backlighting mode are available for you to choose. You can pick your favorite color which fits your need. The illumination sparkles at the peripheral which gives you extra-ordinary cool effect. It can be turned down when not in use.

    Easy manipulation can be realized by pressing the multi-media function keys on the first row of the keyboard. Apart from that, eight groups of multi-media combination keys are installed. You can exercise manipulation by pressing different combinations.


    The keyboard is streamlined design with a broad base which helps to hold users palm. Therefore, your hand will not go beyond the keyboard even during the most exciting game.

    Press the function key and the F1、F2、F3 combination key respectively, which corresponds to 800、600、400ms input delay rate. The higher the input delay rate, the faster the speed of input. Users can adjust the speed of clicking and achieve active response.

    Laser engraving technology is adopted to avoid fading. The keyboard is durable and wear-resistant. Apart from that, the adjustable stand is tailor made to let users adjust the angle of the keyboard.

    The braided fiber cable is 4.5mm thick which is very durable to use. Data transmission is very stable without any interference.


    Cobra II keyboard is a unique gaming device. The perfect mix of design and all the features you need to play your best game. You can adjust input delay rate, angle of the keyboard and manipulate with multi-media keys. Cobra II is a very comfortable keyboard for playing thousands of hours of your favorite video game. 

    E-Blue Cobra II Gaming Keyboard Unboxing & Review from AzNstat
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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type Wired
    Keys type Membrane
    Connector USB
    Cord type Braided
    Programmable Buttons n/a
    Length, cm 49.6
    Width (cm) 22.4
    Height (cm) 3.3
    Weight (gr) 930
    LED Yes
    Profiles n/a
    Windows Key Disable n/a
    Polling rate (Hz) n/a
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