A4TECH Bloody V5M

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    About product

    Bloody series is a new A4TECH creation, which is known for cheap but high quality products for gamers. The Bloody series is a combination of innovations, new design and company’s 25 year experience. All the best was included to create "Multi-Core Gun3" gaming mouse series. BLOODY Gun3 include 3 types of weapon shooting, 7 buttons (+wheel) and 6 unique functions for better experience. This smart shooting mouse itself can suppress the knock of the weapon, adjusts the trajectory or you may shoot with burst-fire or nonstop or whatever you wish to configure through the software. This is clearly an innovation on the market. New Bloody design is hard-core, as is the mouse itself.


    A4TECH BLOODY Gun3 series made especially for FPS lovers. It has all the functions you need to make some nice headshots but you need some time to get used to these cool features. A4TECH BLOODY Gun3 design will make you believe that you hold a monster that will destroy everyone in your way. Gun3 mice are ergonomic and are feeling good in your hand. You can adjust 5 different levels of DPI too. So if you like FPS games. These series are just for you.

    BLOODY Gun3 series include V2M, V3M, V4M, V5M и V8M (this one has a new Ultra Core Gun3 whit independent cores). They all have similar specifications but the design is different. So pick the design you like best.

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Grip style n/a
    Type Wired
    Sensor Optical
    Connection USB
    DPI (max) 3200
    Buttons count 8
    Cord type Braided
    Cord length (m) 1.8
    Response time (ms) n/a
    Length (cm) 22
    Width (cm) 19
    Height (cm) 4.5
    Weight (g) 154
    Max acceleration (G) n/a
    Maximum speed (IPS) n/a
    Polling rate (Hz) N/A
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