A4TECH Bloody B-070 Onslaught 430 x 350 x 4mm

Product code: 471142189815 Manufacturer: A4TECH
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    Bloody B-070 Gaming Mouse Mat
    "Offense Armor" - Tactical Smooth Surface for Absolute Frictionless Precision (Large Size Item)

    Absolute Smooth, Frictionless Precision
    The delicate smooth surface mouse mat is suitable for speed-required gameplay, such as real-time strategy (RTS) games. The lesser surface resistance, the faster and smoother game control.

    Smooth Surface for Speed
    Woven with a fine textured surface, it allows the mouse to glide with pinpoint accuracy.

    Soft and Flexible for Easy Storage and Travel
    Made of pliable material, the pad is easy to roll up or expand. The grid at the pad bottom produces tremendous air while expanding to form a resistance-free surface. It ensures the mouse tracking performs with optimal accuracy.

    Exceptional Fine Knitting Craft Along Pad Edges
    The Bloody Mouse Mat is made with exceptional, finely-knit crafting to the pad edges to protect the braided edges, but isn't too sharp to cut the hand. It also ensures the pad is durable for prolonged, comfortable use



    Offense Armor Gaming Mouse Mat - Smooth Surface
    Model: B-070 (Large)
    Dimensions: 16.9in. x 13.7in. x 0.15in. (43cm x 35cm x 0.4cm)
    The Bloody Offense Armor Gaming Mouse Mat's reflex-enhanced surface allows the mouse to quickly slide across the surface to execute commands at an incredibly fast speed while maintaining precision to hit the targets.

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    Length (cm) 43
    Width (cm) 35
    Height (cm) 0.4
    Weight (g) n/a
    Surface Cloth
    Base (material) Rubber
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