E-BLUE Auroza Type-G Red

Product code: 692160710177 Manufacturer: E-BLUE
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    About product

    AUROZA type G high end gaming mouse, ergonomic structured and carefully suited your palm. Coated by human skin resembling materials specially utilized for long gaming period. Type G is your ally for great manipulation. 

    Dazzle cool shape, you would be shocked by its vogue appearance and moreover, the illumination colors are also designed to bring this art work to the next level. Elegance and outstanding performance are right here!!

    The top ranged avago optical sensor, 6600FPS high frame rate provides extreme tracking precision and reliable functionality.

     Providing 500/1000/2000/3000 adjustable DPI handles almost every situation, moves very smoothly and, moreover, there is no software required, simple and convenient.

     High tech OMRON micro switch adopted, fang shaped click buttons and up to 5 million lifespan. Distinctive bounce force for you to master your battle.

    Auroza type G features 125/250/500 adjustable polling rate, good reflex rate which is 4 times of normal mice and therefore gamers can effortlessly deal with their competitors.

    Exclusively featured in auroza mouse—the illuminated rubber scroll, pulsating and multi colored. Utilizing materials for smooth rolling tactile.

    Data transmission via anti-interferenced wire and E-blue USB plug at the end ensuring data completeness.


    AUROZA-G mouse will help you achieve complete control over the game. You can adjust DPI and polling rate as you like, pluss it has an awesome optical sensor. Click buttons bounce is a good way to make a lot of clicks in a small period of time. Good looking mouse with high performance and tonns of features. AUROZA-G is your choice for gaming.

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Grip style n/a
    Type Wired
    Sensor n/a
    Connection USB
    DPI (max) 3000
    Buttons count 6
    Cord type Braided
    Cord length (m) 1.8
    Response time (ms) n/a
    Length (cm) 12.4
    Width (cm) 6.4
    Height (cm) 4.0
    Weight (g) n/a
    Max acceleration (G) n/a
    Maximum speed (IPS) n/a
    Polling rate (Hz) N/A
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