RAZER Armadillo II

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    Tangle-free wired play

    Angled cord grip elevates the mouse wire off the desktop to prevent unexpected tangling in the heat of gameplay, thereby giving you more freedom on your wired mouse.

    One-Click Mechanical Design

    Intelligent design allows fast setup and removal of the mousecord with the mechanical one-click step system.

    Non Slip Rubber Bottom

    Textured natural rubber on the bottom surface ensures a secure grip on any desktop surface. Compatible with any Razer mouse cord and has a high-gloss finish.


    Have you ever had problems with your mouse cord? Of course you do. This device will free your mouse from the cord without having to buy a wireless mouse. Just one click on the cord holder and you are ready to go. No more overweight for your mouse, no more tangles and table hooks.  Play with complete freedom using Razer Armadillo 2.

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