TESORO Aegis X4 - XL 440 x 370 x 4mm

Product code: 060913287620 Manufacturer: TESORO
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    Aegis, was the name of the shield carried by Zeus. It represents as a garment of goatskin, or an armored breastplate protecting you from all elemental attack!


    AEGIS series adopt the most updated 3D fabric technics, with its high texture density and ultra-smooth feature, effectively improve the capture sensitivity for optical or laser gaming mouse. It also provides ultra-smooth gliding experience for gaming mouse use.


    AEGIS mousepad is the perfect companion for you mouse. Smooth glide will improve your AIM. You will have marvelous reaction too. Mousepad has a nice grip with the surface. You can be sure that this mousepad will improve your gaming experience.

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    Length (cm) 43.9
    Width (cm) 37.1
    Height (cm) 0.4
    Weight (g) 340
    Surface Cloth
    Base (material) Rubber
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