GGWP ltd.

To make a cyber-sport easily accessible for the masses.

To be the best provider of gaming devices in the world.  

Social responsibility
Due to the main target of our business is to promote the cyber-sport and to make it easily accessible for the masses; we consider it’s our responsibility to support local teams. In a region where we are planning to open a retail shop, we want to support local community in such aspects as: tournaments, financial support of local teams, devices supply etc.

We do not talk about the TOP teams of a certain region due to they probably have a “title sponsor” but about the mass gaming.  We want to PR the cyber sport among the simple gamers, make cyber sport accessible and prestige. Our social responsibility is to help gamers and to push e-sport to the next level.

We are proud to announce our Partners who support us and help us to PR e-sport.