SPEEDLINK TORID Gamepad,Wireless for PC/PS3, Black

Product code: 402730167209 Manufacturer: SPEEDLINK
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    The TORID Gamepad is a universal game controller: use it to play the latest blockbusters as well as to re-experience your personal classics. The gamepad lets you switch really easily between the two current controller technologies, XInput and DirectInput, at the press of a button. With this unique compatibility, almost every game is covered. But that’s not all: if you prefer gaming on your console rather than in front of your PC, just plug your TORID Gamepad into your PS3. Gain full control of virtual worlds with the greatest of accuracy and in total strain-free comfort – and take your gaming experience to the next level with realistic vibrations, ergonomically positioned, accurate analog sticks, plus turbo function for controlled rapid firing. The TORID Gamepad always lets you exploit your tactical advantage.


    The SpeedLink TORID gamepad will become a great partner for your gaming sessions. It will adapt to any game and will allow you to play in comfort in front of your PC or PS3. Sport games, RPG’s, arcades and many other game genres are great for gamepads. Something like a fighting game will allow you to do some crazy combos lying cozy on the couch. The gamepad is ergonomic and feels perfect in your hand. No more wires! Play wireless in any position and on any distance.

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    • Battery lasts forever
    • Nice and clicky buttons
    • Signal range is a lot shorter than the rated one
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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type Wireless
    Connector USB
    PC Yes
    X BOX 360 No
    Playstation 3 Yes
    Mac No
    Android No
    iDevice n/a
    Other n/a
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