OZONE Oxygen In-ear progaming headset

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    Size matters, it´s true, but in Ozone we have managed to pack an incredible amount of sound into this small Oxygen In-ear pro gaming headset. This amazing headset has a genuine ability to fulfill a dual role in your life.  Not only created to enjoy hardcore E-Sports game session but also to be used in real sports. You can also use your new Oxygen headset in many electronic devices thanks to the extension adapters that you will find in your Oxygen headset.

    Oxygen In-ear pro gaming headset not just provide you the best sound experience but comfort and quality in the inner ridge of your ear. Fit to you because they are lightweight, fashionable… and fresh! Forget about sweating ears in long gaming sessions. Oxygen is a high quality stereo In-ear headset.  The human ear hears sounds in stereo, and the brain uses the subtle differences in sounds entering the left and right ears to locate sounds. The Oxygen´s high technology really helps your brain to get every single detail of the game, music, films…

    Perfect fit in any ear. As soon as you wear your new Oxygen stereo headset you will forget that they are In-ear headset thanks to its clever ergonomics designs. The Oxygen Headset are provided with two pairs of spare ear pads to be sure that it stays in place no matter what you do wearing them. The secure protection case is really useful to get your new Oxygen In-ear progaming headset away from scuffs and scratches while still preserving all the device's functions. Go to LAN parties, go to play soccer, go wherever you want to, your headset are in a safe place. PTT means push-to-talk. Easy to say, easy to do. Push to answer incoming calls while your Oxygen In-ear progaming headset is connected to your smartphone.


    The Ozone Oxygen In-ear is the only headset with this size, that Ozone ever did. They really tried to make a gaming headset with small size. The headphones have a great sound quality and a pretty good microphone. You can attach a cord with two jacks for the microphone and headphones, to work on the PC. You can attach a cord with bigger length. An you can change the cushions size, there are 3 sizes in the pack for different kind of ears. The case fits perfectly in any pocket, so you can take them everywhere you like. The headset is stylish and ergonomic. 

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type In-ear
    Connection Wired
    Cord type Rubber
    Cord length (m) 1.2
    Connector 2 x 3.5mm jack
    LED No
    Volume control No
    Additional software n/a
    Frequency Response, Hz 20 - 20,000
    Impedance, Ω 24
    Sensitivity, dB 116 ± 4
    Input Power, mW 30
    Microphone Yes
    Mic.Mute n/a
    Mic.Frequency, Hz 100 - 10,00
    Mic.Sensitivity , dB -42 ± 3
    Mic.Pick Up pattern Omni-directional
    Mic.Impedance, Ω 2200
    Soundcard Channels n/a
    Soundcard In n/a
    Soundcard Out n/a
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