TESORO Gungnir H5 Optical

Product code: 060913286730 Manufacturer: TESORO
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    It is described as being so well balanced, that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

    Tesoro GUNGNIR, 3500 dpi ultra-high precision optical gaming mouse for FPS game. GUNGNIR features full color programmable illumination effect. Through its programmable software UI, users can program their own macro keys to quickly use macro in the battle field. Adjustable polling rate control from user AP, up to 1000Hz ultra-polling rate. DPI adjustable between 450/900/1800/3500 for precision targeting and speed when engaging your enemy. 35 macro keys, up to 1600 actions recordable Gear it up now with GUNGNIR! Your ultimate FPS gaming mouse.


    GUNGNIR is surely one of the best FPS mouses for this price. You will love to play some CS:GO or TF2 with this mouse. Use your keys (macros) to be ahead of your enemy. Adjust DPI for your playstyle. Put your favorite color on illumination and go destroy some enemies!!

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    parameter option
    Grip style n/a
    Type Wired
    Sensor Optical
    Connection USB
    DPI (max) 3500
    Buttons count 7
    Cord type Braided
    Cord length (m) 1.8
    Response time (ms) 1
    Length (cm) 12.5
    Width (cm) 7.5
    Height (cm) 4.2
    Weight (g) 100
    Max acceleration (G) 20
    Maximum speed (IPS) 60
    Polling rate (Hz) 100
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