RAZER Blackwidow Tournament US layout

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    The mechanical key technology designed in the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition offers an entirely new feel to your gaming experience by delivering a distinctive tactile feedback in form of light pronounced taps to your fingertips. With an incredibly lightweight actuation force of 50g, and a reduced actuation distance of 2mm, the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition mechanical keyboard ensures the only thing between you and taking out your foes is how fast your fingers can actuate.

    The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is truly portable with its small footprint, removing the numpad and macro keys. The braided USB cable of the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition can be detached and stowed away neatly in the included protection sleeve for ease of carrying to LAN parties and tournaments.

    Actuate as many keys as there are fingers on both your hands and have them all register accurately and quickly during gaming. With the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate’s gaming mode 10 key roll-over, you can deliver overwhelming destruction on your opponents, or just ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly for victorious gaming.


    Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is a superb keyboard for serious gamers with high motivation. Mechanical keys will make sure your each click will count and nothing will stand between you and your victory. You can adjust your keyboard with Macros with unlimited profile. Play 100 games with 100 different setups and be the best everywhere. Deactivate windows key so it won’t mess around. Take this baby to LAN party or a tournament with all the adjustments you need and win!

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  • Specification

    parameter option
    Type Wired
    Keys type Mechanical
    Connector USB
    Cord type Rubber
    Programmable Buttons n/a
    Length, cm 36.6
    Width (cm) 15.4
    Height (cm) 3
    Weight (gr) 950
    LED Yes
    Profiles n/a
    Windows Key Disable Yes
    Polling rate (Hz) 1000
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