SPEEDLINK Black Widow Flighstick, Black

Product code: 402730116640 Manufacturer: SPEEDLINK
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    A joystick for EXTREME users! This joystick was specially designed to meet high demands and offers a robust finish as well as high durability. Vibrations turn the action into a realistic experience.


    • Ergonomically designed flight stick with hand rest for right-handed use
    • Additional thrust level with side rudder control
    • Coolie Hat for an eight-way all-round visibility
    • Force vibration for the ultimate gaming experience
    • Non-slip covering for secure grip
    • Eight fire buttons guarantee maximum fire power
    • USB connector for simple Plug&Play operation
    • 1.9m cable
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    parameter option
    Type Wired
    Connector USB
    PC Yes
    X BOX 360 No
    Playstation 3 No
    Mac No
    Android No
    iDevice n/a
    Other n/a
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